In anticipation of a heavy deficit, Clermont contracted € 8 million in state loans – Top 14

ASM, which expects a deficit of € 9 million due to the matches behind closed doors, has contracted two state-guaranteed loans of € 8 million. Despite the first state aid and lower wages.

The health crisis is weighing down many clubs facing great financial difficulties. Asked by Le Figaro, the general manager of the National Rugby League (LNR), Emmanuel Eschalier, recently explained that the specter of bankruptcy filings for some clubs “is still present. We are on a tightrope. And, unfortunately, I fear that we will stay on this thread until the end of the season. ” And to add: “Concern remains very high on the sustainability of certain clubs at the end of the current season. If the situation behind closed doors, or very strong restrictions on welcoming the public – and unfortunately, in a lucid way, we are preparing for it – we will absolutely need the public authorities to continue to support us. ”

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Clermont is strongly impacted by the absence of the public at the Marcel-Michelin stadium, which can accommodate 19,000 people. During the first part of the 2020-2021 season, before the end of the competitions, the Auvergne enclosure accommodated on average 17,000 people. Only Bordeaux-Bègles (24.340) and Toulouse (21,919) gathered more Top 14 audiences over the same period.

In an interview with our colleagues from The mountain, the president of ASM Clermont-Auvergne, Jean-Michel Guillon, spoke of the economic situation of the Auvergne club, heavily impacted by the health crisis and the closed doors that plague the budget of the ASM. “If we do not find any more public by the end (of the season), we will post a deficit of 9 M € on a budget of a little more than 26”, he indicates.

Wage reduction of around 16.2%

In the coming days, the club – which has already cut wages by around 16.2% – will receive 2.5 million euros in state aid. This will make it possible to absorb 3 million euros out of the 9 million deficit. This is why the Auvergne leader adds that the ASM has contracted two loans guaranteed by the State for a total amount of 8 million euros.

“We are not hard pressed to pay salaries, but we have a debt that will have to be repaid. Once this season is over, if we find a normal situation, we will still have to ask the right questions. The State helps us but at one point, it risks asking us to review our economic model, ”warns Jean-Michel Guillon in the columns of The mountain.


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