In America they celebrate the return of Nico Castillo: ‘It’s a motivation’

Mexico City /

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The return of Nicolas Castillo to the activity after about 18 months, even in a preseason friendly against Santos, It is a great boost for the azulcrema team, acknowledged the goalkeeper Oscar Jimenez.

“Very exciting, we talked about it in the dressing room, Bruno said that see it and now playing with us is a motivationFurthermore, it is a lesson for all of us to fight, to perseverance, he is a partner of us and we always support him“He told TUDN at the end of the match, which ended 1-0 in favor of the azulcrema team.

In this match, the Chilean striker entered at minute 61 and he even had an interesting opportunity to score at 84, although goalkeeper Lajud appeared to put out the danger.

Regarding the meeting, Jiménez pointed out that warriors are tough and they run throughout the court, although he considered that the expulsion of Ronaldo Prieto at minute 28 conditioned the game.

The team behaved wellPerhaps with the expulsion it is complicated because we want the party to serve us and now it changed a lot with the expulsion, but it helps us to correct many things and prepare for what is to come, ”said the goalkeeper.

“With an extra man, I think we were touching the ball a lot and we lacked a little more forcefulness but well, the team understands the moments of the game and it serves us a lot ”, he added.



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