In addition to using masks properly, the doctor urges to prepare a special container, Jakarta Usage related face mask to prevent exposure to COVID-19, health experts not only recommend three-layer cloth masks, but also pay attention to how to store them.

Doctor Alfi Auliya Rachman who practices at FMC Bogor Hospital suggested saving face mask in a special container. He said it was better to prepare two special bags containing masks in the bag when traveling outside the house.

“There are two special storage boxes (containers). One box is for used masks, the other box is for unused ones. (Masks) can be coated with tissue or clean cloth so that they do not come into contact with outside items,” he told the conference. virtual press, Wednesday (21/10/2020) launch Among.

When you want to open your mask when eating, for example, Alfi reminds you to wash your hands first. Then, open up face mask without touching the middle, but the rope.



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