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In addition to Hobbies, Facebook Will Close the Lasso Application: Okezone techno


MENLO PARK – Facebook reportedly closed the Lasso application. The social media company closed Lasso as of July 10, quoted Sindonews.

Lasso also has given notification to the user regarding the closure of its services. Lasso, which was launched late in 2018, is targeting teenage users, both in China or western countries.

Lasso allows users to record videos of 15 seconds long and add them to the background of popular or viral songs. This application focuses on presenting feeds with recommended video algorithms according to the user’s interest.

“We place a few bets throughout our application family to test and learn how people want to express themselves. One of these tests is Lasso, our short stand-alone video application, which we decided to close,” a Facebook spokeswoman said.

“We are grateful to everyone who shared their creativity and feedback with us, which we want to include in our other video experiences,” the spokeswoman continued.

As of February, according to research company Sensor Tower, Lasso is already available in Colombia, Mexico, the US, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Panama, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Ecuador and Uruguay.

Lasso added support for Hindi earlier this year, speculating that Facebook could finally bring new applications to India, the largest market for American technology companies based on user accounts.

So far, it’s not clear why Facebook hasn’t launched Lasso to more countries. However, Tech Crunch said, Lasso’s trip had been problematic from the start.

This is evident from the departure of Brady Voss from Facebook, a few days after Lasso was released. Voss is the person who led the development of the Lasso application.

Earlier this week, Facebook announced that they also turned off Hobbi, an application that allows users to document their personal projects.




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