In addition to Covid-19 and acute hepatitis, the Hendra virus appears, what is the Hendra virus? Here are the signs and prevention

INDOTRENDS.ID – What’s that Hendra Virus? Specter Covid-19 and acute hepatitis is still haunting, Hendra Virus is now a ‘new ghost’ of the presence of a new type of disease.

Researchers at Australia’s Griffith University said the new Hendra virus variant could be transmitted to horses and humans. Originally, this was not a new disease because it appeared in 1994 and 2016 and has now emerged again, a zoonotic disease that can be transmitted to humans from animals.

Menurut jurnal Emerging Infectious Disease, new variant Hendra virus was detected in the urine or urine of black and gray headed bats in north-central Australia, New South Wales to Southeast Queensland.

“The results of our research by examining certain bat species, reveal how this variant of the virus is transmitted to horses and humans,” explained the head of research Dr.

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“The development of gray-headed bats in New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia is generally not considered to be at high risk for transmitting Hendra virus. However, recent evidence suggests there is a risk of transmitting Hendra virus to horses and their caregivers (humans).”

Just so you know, Hendra Virus is pathogens that circulate naturally in the body of bats. According to research, the process of infection with the original Hendra virus from bats to horses is up to 65 times and four out of seven infected people die.

“The HeV-g2 variant was detected to multiply rapidly in all seasons, but was dominant in the colder months between late May and late August,” explained Dr. Peel.


Hendra virus illustration. We need to be careful because variants of the Hendra virus with genetic sequences other than HeV-g2 cannot be detected. Belova59/Pixabay

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