In a second, it will recognize you and your mood from the photo. Prague Cogniware is used by secret services around the world and is now coming to the Czech Republic

A single photo uploaded to the system is enough for artificial intelligence to recognize you, estimate your mood or, possibly, find a relationship between e-mail, SMS, eavesdropping and where you are. The technology dreamed of by sci-fi filmmakers was developed by the Prague company Cogniware.

It is of great interest worldwide and is already used by a number of security forces in the Middle East. In addition, she recently won a competition announced by the Czech Police Presidium, giving the police access to a system that can find a match in a database of millions of photos in less than a second.

For example, Cogniware is involved in an international project to search for terrorists around the world. Can analyze social networks and detect suspicious patterns of behavior. He can concentrate on people and find out if a prisoner intends to meet his companion on the pretext of meeting a lawyer. Or perceive things and determine if someone wants to bring a gun to school.

Cogniware technology in practice

Photo: Cogniware

He can also reveal a person’s identity, even if he is wearing a veil, that is, if he has it at least a little lower in his face. It can detect the type of car from the cameras or analyze documents and photographs and find the necessary connections in them.

“Actually, we don’t even know what our clients are using the software for,” says Martin Černý, who is in charge of business relations at Cogniware. He explains that the company provides software, but does not extract any data from it.

“We have most of the projects in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, but also in Bahrain and Kuwait. We also have the first projects in Africa, in Kenya. And it’s probably the farthest in Singapore. “ is calculated by Ján Račko, the owner of a company that operates in Europe mainly in Western countries.

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However, Cogniware – its services – did not reach the Czech Republic until a few months ago, when the services of its artificial intelligence were bought by the local police. Račko does not want to get too close to how and where he applies them. And given the setting up of contracts and the need for confidentiality, he can’t. However, he says that the idea that an ordinary person would be monitored by the system is wrong.


Martin Černý, Cogniware analyst

Photo: Cogniware

“For him, an individual who does nothing special is not really interesting at all. Interesting are those who have not integrated into the system and are trying to commit some form of evil. “ Račko explains.

His company has been operating for about seven years and has been developing artificial intelligence for almost as long. Her clients include traditional forces, financial and police and secret services. But it is in the Middle East, for example, that banks also need to identify their VIP clients upon entry.


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“Given that these states have looser rules regarding the protection of personal data, they also use the capabilities of the system for routine tasks.” adds Račko.

On the contrary, when there was talk in the Czech Republic less than a year ago about the possible introduction of a facial recognition system, it provoked a heated debate, similar to the United Kingdom, where the police use face recognition technology. However, such cameras have not yet been officially tested in our country, and the software only checks some areas of Václav Havel Airport in Prague with this principle.

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