In a little while, what I don’t want will happen


Mariana Popova again expressed her indignation at the irresponsibility of the Bulgarians regarding the anti-epidemic measures in the country. Which are not currently tightened, but are not strictly observed by most people.

The singer once again used the Facebook podium to express her ultimate disappointment, adding a pinch of her characteristic peppery humor:

In a little while, what I don’t want will happen at all. Which one ?! The aliens will land and flood the airport with graphene and then chip us directly through the pillars of 5G, “the singer wrote, sharing official statistics, which show that again the hospital beds are not enough and the situation is more than scary. .

This is not the first time that Mariana Popova has expressed her disappointment with the lack of discipline among Bulgarians. Most recently, she even said she hated Levski, CSKA and Lili Ivanova because, despite the difficult situation, they never canceled their public appearances and the anti-epidemic measures were not observed. At the same time, she reported that she and her daughter had been infected with the virus.


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