In a human gesture .. Ahmed Ezz stands a minute of mourning for the martyrs of Beirut in the presentation of his play

An Instagram video, by Ahmed Ezz, after the end of Aladdin’s play, has been posted on the social networking site for photos and videos.

Ahmed Ezz appeared in the video at the end of the show, thanking the present audience and asking them to stand for a minute in mourning for the souls of the martyrs in Lebanon, who died after the Beirut bombing last Tuesday.

Holding the flag of Lebanon, Ahmed Ezz said: “I am a small request .. I wish we all stand a minute of mourning for the souls of the martyrs in Lebanon.”

It is noteworthy that the Lebanese suffered massive debris everywhere in the capital, Beirut, as a result of the bloody explosion in the city’s port, which affected its impact for more than 20 km.

The explosion killed more than 135 people and injured thousands, and estimates indicate that there are billions of dollars in financial losses. Beirut Governor Marwan Aboud announced that about half of Beirut’s homes were damaged or destroyed by the explosion.

The Lebanese Cabinet stated that the 1214 hotline had been reactivated to receive emergency citizen communications and reviews

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