In 8 months we managed to bring 246.2 billion lei to the state budget

The head of ANAF, Lucian Heiuş, said that, this year, the institution he leads has brought more than 240 billion lei to the state budget and that by the end of the year it plans to bring a total amount of more than 370 billion about her, reports

Appearing at the Digi24 show, Heiuş explained that ANAF carries out checks on individuals with large differences between declared and realized income, and so far the biggest difference between the two has been found in a Timisoara natural person, who has to pay to the state over a million of lei.

Asked whether ANAF has focused on budget revenue allocation this year, Lucian Heiuş explained that this is ANAF’s basic attribution.

“The fundamental task of ANAF is to guarantee the income necessary for the functioning of the state. I do not know if this year has been a more special year than others, it is a more difficult year from the point of view of expenses. year we will begin to have some problems on the income side, taking into account what is happening around us. We have a war on our borders, there is a global energy crisis that has come after a pandemic crisis that has shocked the economies of the whole world, but I am satisfied that ANAF has managed, at least in the first 8 months, to secure the necessary financial sources, established by the budget laws, “said Heiuş.

Lucian Heiuş presented the amount brought by ANAF to the state budget in the first 8 months of this year.

“If we compare with the revenues achieved last year, we have an increase of 22.4 per cent, as a nominal index, and 12.5 per cent as a real index, taking into account inflation and economic growth. In practice, in 8 months we are managed to bring 246.2 billion lei to the state budget and, following the last budget adjustment, up to the end of the year, the total collection that ANAF must carry out is approximately 375.9 billion lei ” Heius said.

Also questioned about the checks that Anaf makes on individuals who have differences between real and declared income, the head of Anaf explained that the Department that carries out these checks has been established for 11 years.

“We have intensified the checks starting from July 1, in this field of activity. The legislation and the General Directorate for the verification of the incomes of individuals has been in operation for about 11 years, so it was not new, but this type of checks is it is done more shy. It is very difficult, I have noticed that there are people who can afford expenses that are not correlated with the income they get. So this Directorate appeared, which at the beginning was like a great revolution in ANAF, but which gradually faded and ended up doing a small number of checks per year, “said Heiuş, quoted by

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