In 2023, twenty tires underwent testing by the auto club for the summer season.

We present the results of a comparative test of the functional properties of summer tires organized by the Autoklub České Republiky.

This year’s continued the thorough tests of summer tires from previous years. The aim was again to evaluate the properties in operation, both wet and dry.

A total of 20 tires of size 205/55 R16 were examined. They were divided according to the purchase price: they are cheaper in the Budget class, more expensive in the Premium class.

The tests included 16 different disciplines on dry and wet surfaces in Germany. They monitored the response during acceleration, braking, the limit of aquaplaning in the longitudinal and transverse directions, and the measurement of noise and rolling resistance on a dry road.

On a circular track with a wet surface, the car’s time was measured in both directions and in the so-called handling. Licensed test drivers tested the car’s handling and lap times were judged. A subjective evaluation of the car’s response to steering and its stability was also important. The test drivers did not know which tires were being tested.

The reference tire was the Firestone Roadhawk, against which all other tires in the Premium and Budget classes were compared.

Summer tire test results

The winner of the economy class was Semperit, ahead of Firestone and Dunlop, Kumho, Apollo and Matador occupied the other ranks with close distances.

In the Premium class, Continental PremiumContact 7 fared best, followed by Michelin Primacy 4+ and Bridgestone Turanz. 2 brands, Nokian and Vredestein, finished in sixth place.

Location Budget class Premium class
1. Stick to it Speed-Life 3 Continental Premium Contact 7
2. Vredestein Roadhawk (reference) Michelin Primacy 4+
3. Dunlop Sport Bluresponse Bridgestone Turanza T005
4. Kumho Exta HS52 Pirelli Cinturato P7
5. Apollo Alnac 4G Uniroyal RainSport 5
6. Matador Hectorra 5 Nokian Wetproof/Vredestein Ultrac
7. Tom Sport 1 Goodyear Efficient Grip Performance
8. Imperial Ecodriver 5 Hankook Wind Prime 4
9. Double Coin DC99 Firestone Roadhawk (reference)
10. Profile Prosport 2
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Complete results can be found in the tables in the gallery.

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