In 13 days the most powerful energy of the whole century will come, many destinies will change


The end of the world will not happen on December 12 or 22 of this year.

For this reason, the topastrologist Alena reassured the concerns of many that the gathering of many couples on certain dates and times heralds a tragic end for humanity.

“First of all, let me say that nothing terrible will happen to the people, and especially to the Bulgarian. We won’t hear whispers from distant invisible universal friends like miraculously pouring cornucopias over our poor heads. A portal in time and the reptiles won’t open to invade the Earth and enslave man. None of this will happen because there is nothing magical to expect in the repetition of calendar numbers, it is just a normal day of the year. The unfortunate thing is that 12.12 is exactly the 346th day of 2022 , which reduced to a simple number equals 4: difficulties, problems, delays, failure of commitments. But don’t worry: since the calendar year is different from the personal year of each of us, this worrying number can be profitable, blessed for many, ”Alena explained to the newspaper.

The astrologer makes a star chart on the combination 12.12.2022 year with time 12.12.12. “Alas, no apocalyptic planetary aspect. We will not be hit by an asteroid, we will live. It may be cold, but we are used to these heating prices. Five repetitions of the number 12 Apparently for some the twelfth hour will chime at 12.12 to 12.12. 12 Again to reassure – there will not be a tunnel opened in time and space and the reptilians, the creatures with the body of a man but covered with scales and the head of a lizard, will not enslave us and will not turn the Earth into a planet mining natural wealth. If we interpret only the date, it has two ones, five doubles and a zero. The interpretation of the time omits it, not because there is any magic, but because the accumulation of numbers leads to too extreme interpretations. At this hour, one minute, one second, you’d better shut up. Don’t argue, don’t answer, ”Alena also said.

And he added: “In the “magic appointment” there are as many as five couples who impose tact, patience, moderation on us by force, against our will. the flow of words, many will hide their enormous uncertainty, and others will subtly say what they wish to keep silent.

“Magic” on this date requires action and right decisions, imposing a ban on surpassing ourselves and showing non-existent qualities, so accept it as a date in the calendar and give its magic to children who believe in fairy tales about wizards and will be glad to know that if they hide a letter from Santa, he can grant them one wish.”

In particular for “Bulgaria TodayAlena also played the year 12.22.2022.

“I also took into account the time 12.22.22, when couples turn twelve. On this date, they say, our lives would be turned upside down, destinies would change, we would be recharged with energy, because the day was the strongest of those, with the most powerful energy of the whole century. A channel over time will not open, but there will be karmic meetings, for good, or rather for return. The number 22 in the day is the bearer of karmic return, increased difficulties require each of us to develop farsightedness and prudence, to save our skin as best we can, to preserve ourselves, and to know that we can’t count on anyone. We need particular attention on the road, the day suggests an increase in accidents. , I advise you again: stay home at this hour, avoid conversations, if your family is in trouble, separate the rooms so that your life does not take an unexpected and unwanted turn simply because of the daily schedule rno, not because of mystically esoteric precepts, which there are none,” Alena concluded her professional analysis.

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