Improving Customs Clearance and Port Facilities at Lo Wu Control Point in Shenzhen-Hong Kong

Improving Customs Clearance and Port Facilities at Lo Wu Control Point in Shenzhen-Hong Kong

Lo Wu Control Point

China and Hong Kong have resumed customs clearance, and the flow of people between the two places has become more frequent. Wang Gang, director of the Shenzhen Port Office, said that after the resumption of customs clearance at the beginning of the year, Luohu Port ranked first in the number of passenger inspection clearance among ports. The authorities plan to implement a “frequent traveler” program at Luohu Port. Students Specific groups of people, such as business people, other technical personnel, etc., as long as they are registered as “frequent travelers”, customs clearance and inspection are more convenient. In addition, the Port Office of the Shenzhen Municipal Government also released 18 measures, including improving the speed and stability of free WiFi in the port passages, improving the customs clearance signs at each port, etc., optimizing the customs clearance environment, customs clearance facilitation and customs clearance experience at land ports.

In an interview with mainland media, Wang Gang revealed that from January 8 to Monday (7th), Luohu customs clearance volume was 23 million, followed by Futian Port with 21 million. He pointed out that the Luohu Port was built early and the facilities are relatively dilapidated. The authorities are planning to renovate the port, improve customs clearance facilities and inspection conditions, but emphasize that they will not be demolished and rebuilt. He added that many people in Shenzhen and Hong Kong have a complex for Luohu Port, because it is a symbol of reform and opening up, and the future will “restore the old as before”, and let the people feel the memories left by the old Luohu Port, and preserve and display the port culture. .

Wang Gang, Director of Shenzhen Port Office

A temporary service station is set up at the port to help Hong Kong people scan QR codes to pay in Shenzhen

The Port Office of the Shenzhen Municipal Government also released 18 measures yesterday, including improving the convenient service functions of the port, providing free consultation, external charging, drinking water, luggage trolleys, wheelchairs, first-aid kits and other services; improving customs clearance signs, taking the lead in improving Luohu, Signs in traditional Chinese and English at Futian, Shenzhen Bay, and Liantang ports will add signs for traffic guidance, restrooms, parking lots, and currency exchange. Enhance the coverage of mobile phone signals at the port, add 5G base stations; improve the speed and stability of free WiFi in the port channel; set up temporary service stations at the port to help Hong Kong passengers master WeChat, Alipay, cloud QuickPass and other scanning payment functions.

Xinhuanggang Port promotes Shenzhen-Hong Kong cooperation inspection

In addition, Wang Gang said that the Xinhuanggang Port will be put into use in 2026, and will implement “co-location, two inspections” and “cooperative inspection, one-time release”. He pointed out that the method will not change the working methods of the Shenzhen and Hong Kong inspection agencies, but it can shorten the time for passengers to pass through the border. He also pointed out that the implementation of “one location, two inspections” at the New Huanggang Port can cancel the Lok Ma Chau control point in Hong Kong. According to Hong Kong’s plan, a science and technology park will be built on the original site of the control point. It means that the reconstruction of a port can release more land for the Hetao Shenzhen-Hong Kong Science and Technology Innovation Park and the Hong Kong Santian Science and Technology Park.

Expect to announce more details of the “Frequent Flyer” program

Liu Guoxun, member of the Legislative Council of the Democratic Alliance for the Betterment of Hong Kong, noted that Luohu Port launched the “Frequent Traveler” program. Although there are no details yet, he hopes that the Port Office will announce more details later. The practice of Fulin Port is similar to that of the Fulin Port where the personnel of the Ministry of Science and Technology come and go, so that specific groups of people can conveniently transit through the border. He believes that in order to speed up port circulation and customs clearance, it is appropriate to use technology to improve efficiency.

Liu Guoxun will also go to Shenzhen next week to meet with officials from the Shenzhen Municipal Development and Reform Commission and the Port Office to discuss innovative and convenient customs clearance models, including extending the opening hours of different land ports.

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