Improve Your Mobile Device Wi-Fi Speed by Avoiding These Common Habits: AT&T Shares Tips

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Thursday, 08/06/2023 20:30 WIB

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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia One of the American mobile operators, AT&T, reveals the most common errors that can slow down the speed of a mobile device’s Wi-Fi router, aka HP.

According to the cellular provider, it only takes a few seconds to fix the habit. If you comply, you will see a drastic increase in Wi-Fi speed instantly.

“Exit the streaming application after watching a video or listening to music,” they were quoted as saying The SunThursday (8/6/2023).

“That can increase the speed of your device because it puts less pressure on the router.”

The tech giant added that the number of devices connected to Wi-Fi, their age and type, and the strength of the Wi-Fi signal can affect internet speed.

The first way you can do it, close streaming and music applications when you stop using them on all devices including cellphones, laptops and TVs.

Avoid having too many devices accessing Wi-Fi at the same time unless they really need it.

Doing large capacity downloads while streaming or browsing is also one that makes Wi-Fi slow.

You can try scheduling any large downloads or updates during bedtime or at night.

This will free the router from its excessive daily load while allowing every internet user to avoid interference.

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AT&T also encourages rebooting Wi-Fi devices regularly. This is useful for clearing system errors and setting up automatic updates on apps, game consoles, and PCs to run when the network is not busy.

For placement, you can place the Wi-Fi router in the middle area. Generally, you should store them in an open area away from the ground.

Always make sure the router is plugged into the master socket rather than an extension cord so it works faster.

These are a number of things you can do so that Wi-Fi connected to an Android cellphone or iPhone isn’t slow. I hope this helps!

Watch the video below:

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