Imported Cases of Arbovirus in Haute-Garonne: Mosquito Control Operations to Prevent Spread

Imported Cases of Arbovirus in Haute-Garonne: Mosquito Control Operations to Prevent Spread

the essentials Since the start of the year, 40 imported cases of arbovirus, mainly cases of dengue fever, have been recorded since the start of the year in Haute-Garonne, leading to 83 treatments. The next ones will take place tonight from Wednesday to Thursday in Colomiers and Pechabou and during the night from Thursday to Friday in the Toulouse district of Minimes.

It is a simple flyer affixed to the door of a building which warned the inhabitants of the Minimes district, in Toulouse. At the request of the Occitanie Regional Health Agency (ARS), on the night of Thursday September 21 to Friday September 22, between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m., a mosquito control operation will take place in this sector after the discovery of a new imported case of arbovirus. A person returning from an area of ​​the globe where viruses circulate has in fact brought back the virus, often dengue fever, in their luggage.

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Since the start of the year, this is the 40th imported case recorded in the Haute-Garonne department by the health authorities. And to prevent it from spreading, it is necessary to carry out targeted insecticide treatment against Aedes albopictus, the famous tiger mosquito, vector of the virus.

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As summer almost comes to an end, cases continue to be recorded. A mosquito control operation will take place this night from Wednesday to Thursday, in the town of Colomiers, in the Perget district, on a perimeter included between the Allée de l’Herbaudière, the Allée de Pornic and part of the avenue of Monturon. But also to it closed where a case of dengue fever was recorded in the Platanes district in a resident returning from abroad.

“The treatment will be carried out from a vehicle and supplemented by a pedestrian treatment. A nighttime treatment is scheduled within a perimeter of 150 m (maximum travel distance of the mosquito) around the places frequented by the patient. The objective is to eliminate all mosquitoes potentially infected with the virus in this area so that they cannot transmit the virus to other people,” indicates the commune in the south-east of Toulouse on its website.

According to ARS Occitanie, a total of 83 mosquito control treatments have taken place since the start of the year in the department.

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