Important, This Is What Must Be Prepared Before Vaccination

Suction before Vaccines are a thing important This is done in order to reduce the duration or intensity of the effects of the vaccine. In addition, good preparation can optimize the immunity of the vaccine.

So what are the preparations? before vaccine?
Make sure your body is in good health. Do not have any health complaints or symptoms before vaccinated.

If you feel dizzy, have an asthma attack, have a severe flu cough, fever, or other symptoms, the vaccine should be postponed until the condition stabilizes again.

Make sure you have:

1. Mask

2. Required files

3. Wear loose -fitting shirts or short sleeves

4. Hand sanitizer

Regular light exercise can help improve blood circulation, thereby reducing the side effects of the vaccine. One example is regular walking.

Take a multivitamin (C, A, D3, Zinc, Selenium, Amino acids, and probiotics) Seven days before and after being vaccinated. Although there is not much evidence on the benefits of multivitamins before and after the Covid-19 vaccine, but it can be done.

In previous studies, it was stated that taking multivitamins could improve the immune response after being vaccinated against the flu.

Drink lots of white water before and after vaccination. Make sure your body is not dehydrated. It can also prevent excess side effects after the vaccine or can shorten the duration and intensity of vaccine side effects.

Eat before and after the vaccine can prevent fainting during or after the vaccine. Although fainting is not a common side effect, it is not uncommon for people to faint due to fear of injections, anxiety, or tiredness of standing.

When the body is adequately nourished, blood sugar intake is well controlled, and not dehydrated, it can reduce the risk of fainting.

Avoid staying up late, getting enough sleep about 7-8 hours every night can help optimize immunity.

A study published in the journal Sleep states that people who are sleep deprived are less likely to get immunity from vaccines when compared to people who sleep well.

Before the vaccine, make sure you are in good health or the symptoms of the disease do not recur frequently for those who have chronic diseases. Prepare the necessary equipment and files.

Regular light exercise, take multivitamins if necessary (not mandatory), drink lots of water, eat nutritious food, and get enough sleep.***



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