Important, These are the 4 Symptoms of the First Corona Virus before Coughing and Fever Appears!

Illustration of masks and coronavirus. (Pixabay) – At first, corona virus Covid-19 which has claimed the lives of more than 1 million people in this world only attacks the respiratory tract of the body.

But reported from Times of India, it seems that this new type of corona virus can affect all parts of the body, from head to feet.

Health history, age to gender are factors that influence symptoms of the corona virus Covid-19 someone.

Although the Covid-19 corona virus infection usually starts with an itchy throat, fever and fatigue. However, many patients show unique symptoms, including headache and loss of smell and taste before testing positive for the coronavirus.

These signs point to the fact that the coronavirus is far from being the first understood respiratory disease and attacks the entire nervous system in some Covid-19 patients.

Illustration of the corona virus, covid-19. (Pexels / @ Anna Shvet)

According to recent research in Annals of Neurology, a growing number of patients are reporting neurological symptoms, including headache, dizziness, stroke and decreased alertness.

The four neurological symptoms usually appear first before the common symptoms of the Covid-19 corona virus, such as cough dry, itchy throat and fever.

In accordance with the study, coronavirus patients also noted other neurological signs of the disease, including loss of smell and taste, difficulty concentrating and seizures.

To conduct the study, researchers analyzed 19 patients with the Covid-19 corona virus in Northwestern Medicine to understand the occurrence of neurological signs of the disease.

The research was carried out before the appearance of the more common and widely known symptoms of the Covid-19 corona virus until now.

Study lead author Igor Koralnik, who is a professor of neurology at Northwestern University’s Faculty of Medicine, Feinberg, said it was important for patients and doctors to be aware of the condition.

Because, the Covid-19 corona virus infection can appear with neurological symptoms before fever, cough or breathing problems occur.


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