Implementation of corona protective measures: half of all attacks against security staff happen in Berlin – politics

Since the beginning of the Corona crisis, there have been numerous attacks on employees of public order offices nationwide while they wanted to implement protective measures against the pandemic. This was reported by “Welt am Sonntag” based on a survey of 15 of the largest cities. A total of 65 physical attacks have been recorded since spring.

[Die Toten der Pandemie: Der Tagesspiegel gedenkt der Berliner Opfer und erzählt ihre Geschichten]

Physical attacks were particularly frequent in Berlin (23 cases), Cologne (18) and Bremen (ten). City administrations reported broken bones, bruises and sprains. In some cases, the affected employees were unable to work for several weeks after the attacks.

According to the information, there were also hundreds of verbal attacks. In addition, emergency services were spat at or intentionally coughed up. The cities filed criminal charges in a total of more than 200 cases. Several city administrations emphasized that the longer the pandemic lasts, the more aggressiveness towards employees of the public order offices. (AFP)

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