Impeachment proceedings: New York governor allegedly sexually molested women

After an official investigation found New York Governor Andrew Cuomo guilty of sexual harassment of several women, the chairman of the US House of Representatives announced a speedy impeachment process. Previously, US President Joe Biden, the Democratic chairman of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi and the majority leader of the Democrats in the US Senate, Chuck Schumer, called on Cuomo to resign.

Unwanted kisses, sexually motivated touches, hugs and suggestive comments, which, especially for women, are a “hostile working atmosphere ”and a Climate of Fear ”- according to the New York Attorney General Letitia James, that was the trademark of her superior for years.

As a 168-page investigation report by the investigating authority shows, the 63-year-old Democrat, who achieved worldwide fame during the height of the corona pandemic, massively sexually molested almost a dozen women who were professionally dependent on him.

James said at a press conference on Tuesday in New York that around 180 witnesses had been questioned and over 7,000 evidence (emails, text messages, videos, photos, etc.) had been viewed very disturbing but clear picture ”. Cuomo got one after that Muster ”revealed when he made sexual advances to female employees or touched them immorally against their will. Letitia James said the incriminating statements came from eleven people affected. I believe these women and I thank them for their courage. “


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