Immunology Consultant: Corona symptoms continue after recovery and may cause lung damage and Alzheimer’s

Dr. Mohammed Rashid, a consultant of medical analyzes and immunology, revealed that the symptoms of corona infection continue for long periods of time after recovery. As a result of severe immune activity during the infection period. He added during a telephone interview on this morning’s program broadcast on Extra News channel: As a result of immune activity, large amounts of immune cells are secreted, which attack various organs, the most important of which is lung cells damage, which is difficult to regenerate again, unlike liver cells.

He stressed that the age factor makes a big difference, in the extent to which the virus affects the patient, and the symptoms he suffers after recovery, in addition to smoking, pointing out that lung damage is one of the most serious symptoms, which takes long periods of treatment, and is accompanied by persistent shortness of breath syndrome .

He added that the symptoms of the Corona virus negatively affect brain cells, and may reach temporary paralysis and Alzheimer’s, indicating that the symptoms of Corona reach blood clots in some cases, stressing the need to continue conducting analyzes throughout the recovery period, to avoid the risks that may occur, commenting: “There is a possibility of a wave Third ” .


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