Immunization of Children Delayed Due to Pandemic, This Is What Parents Should Do

Saturday, October 03, 2020 | 09:16 WIB
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Illustration of immunization child. (Unsplash) – For more than 6 months, we have lived in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic situation. And because of the enforced distancing policy, certainly not a few parents feel confused about the child’s immunization schedule, which happens to be a deadline at this time of the pandemic.

Your parents’ confusion is certainly not without reason. Until now, there has been no specific drug to cure Covid-19. That’s why we take preventive action by keeping children and families healthy by disciplined adhering to health protocols. This includes limiting yourself to going to health care facilities.

The results of a survey conducted by the Ministry of Health and UNICEF in April 2020 showed that 84% of health care facilities experienced interruption of immunization services during the pandemic, and 76% of health care facilities experienced a decrease in demand for immunization services. This in turn makes many parents decide to postpone their child’s immunization.

It was said by dr. Arifianto, Sp.A or who is often called Doctor Apin, in the aspect of child health, the pandemic has a significant impact on immunization services, thereby reducing immunization coverage at an alarming level.

In fact, low immunization coverage can open up opportunities for various disease outbreaks, especially diseases that can be prevented by immunization (PD3I). And, handling the PD3I outbreak will be more difficult to handle if it occurs at the same time as the pandemic. That was his presentation in the Zoom Class “Answering Questions About Vaccinations during a Pandemic” held by Why Vaccines with The Asian Parent some time ago.

Of course, the low immunization coverage must be increased immediately. But, what are the strategies to increase immunization coverage during this pandemic? The doctor who is also the author of the book “Confident With Vaccines And Immunizations” then revealed the immunization steps that can be taken during a pandemic.

1. Catch-up immunization or chase immunization
Catch-up immunization or catch-up immunization is an attempt to continue delayed vaccinations in eligible individuals. This is recommended by the World Health Organization or WHO, by prioritizing the implementation of catch-up immunization for PD3I that is vulnerable to outbreaks, such as measles, polio, diphtheria, and yellow fever 2.

2. Multiple injection or double immunization
Multiple injection or double immunization is the provision of more than one type of immunization in one visit which is useful for accelerating protection for children. It is also more efficient because parents do not have to come to the health facility repeatedly.

3. Combined vaccines
A combination vaccine is a combination of several vaccine components into one vaccine to prevent more than 1 type of disease. Combined vaccines can help to pursue increased immunization coverage, especially for children who are behind on their immunization schedule. In addition, with the combination vaccine, the number of injections and the number of visits to health facilities can also be reduced, which can directly reduce the risk of exposure to Covid-19.



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