Immunity from Covid, from today it will be possible to measure it quickly and economically, and target vaccination more effectively

Immunity from Covid is a topic that scientists take a lot to heart. One of the aims of medicine is to avoid the severe form.

Il Covid it is a disease that still makes a lot of talk about itself. Even if it is the emergency is overil the scientific world is looking for answers.

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It was last June 13th an important discovery published which will undoubtedly improve the forms of fighting the virus. We have seen, in fact, that the mass vaccinations they certainly gave a important contribution. But the formulas can be improved. And let’s not forget the adverse effects, and above all the different response that every human being can give after a therapy pharmacological.

It turns out then even more importantto date, while the fourth doses are already being prepared and vaccine “updates”, understand better about immunity.

Immunity from Covid, a new test will offer more weapons in the fight against the virus

And interesting study that was it published in Naturereveals what the next steps to continue fight Covidwhich unfortunately has not yet completely disappeared.

Give one extract from the publicationwe understand it better scope no benefits of this discovery. “Infection with severe acute respiratory syndrome […] leads to awide range of symptoms clinical, ranging fromasymptomatic infection at the severe pneumonia and acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). As the spread of vaccines mitigates the pandemic, the efficacy of the vaccine and the duration of protective immunity will need to be evaluated and monitored systematically globally“.

And how to do it, if not through gods very precise tests? Today we use – together with serological tests – the swabs, but these tools have not always offered a real picture of the situation. On the contrary, just lately it seems to be very “fallacious”. By the way also serological tests are “Limited” because they only go to see the presence of antibodythe. That by itself it is not enough to understand if you are immune or not.

Today we can count on a simple test – a blood test – developed by the team of researchers at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York. This revolutionary test promises reliable results even quickly, alone 24 orAnd. The effectiveness is given by the different method of “research”. The new test will not only look for antibodies, but also T cellsthose that in practice give the real immune response against the severe form.

A more targeted methodology like this it would also and above all serve to protect (and if necessary re-vaccinate) the more fragile people. Because often people do not activate the immune response satisfactorily. The tests will need to be approved by the FDAand then eventually put available to doctors all over the world.

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