Immunity against corona – Bieos-Omroep

November last year, almost 20% of all Limburg participants had antibodies against Covid-19. In North Limburg, more than 23% turned out to have antibodies in their blood; in South Limburg this was 17%.

In addition, the differences per work sector are significant. For example, the percentage among the fire brigade and police is low and among healthcare employees relatively high.

This is evident from the first results of research among 10,000 adults in the province of Limburg. The research, unique in type and size, took place at the end of 2020.

The final results are expected in June.

For the investigation, residents of the province donated blood and completed a questionnaire.

They are a good reflection of regional society, both in terms of age structure and distribution across the province.

The Limburg GGDs and Maastricht UMC + carried out the research on behalf of the Province of Limburg.

The aim is to gain insight into the factors that contributed to the rapid spread of the corona virus in Limburg.


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