Immigrants rescue a man in the Bilbao estuary: Mouhammad: “I took off my backpack and threw myself to lift his head from the water so that he could breathe” | Radio Bilbao

Yesterday four men jumped into the Bilbao estuary to rescue a 72-year-old man who fainted and fell into the water. The witnesses who did not hesitate to jump to his rescue are all of Senegalese origin.

One of these witnesses, Mouhammad, narrates on Radio Bilbao how everything happened: “I saw how the man was unwell and when he passed out he fell into the water. I took off my backpack and threw myself. Then I tried to carry him to the edge and lift his head from the water so that he could breathe.”

The young man regrets that he was unable to learn more about the 72-year-old man. “I would like to see him and give him a hug. I hope he is better,” he adds in the microphones of the SER.

The event occurred yesterday Sunday at around 3:00 p.m., at the height of the Merced bridge, in Bilbao, when a male rushed into the water after fainting.

Four witnesses to the event, of Senegalese origin, jumped into the water and were able to help the victim. Finally, a pleasure boat that was sailing through the place has taken all of them on board

Police officers, as well as members of the fire brigade and ambulances, also traveled to the area. The 72-year-old man was finally transferred to a hospital, as well as one of the people who has helped him.


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