Home News Immigrants ask for help to eat and leave Portugal by the thousands

Immigrants ask for help to eat and leave Portugal by the thousands


Among Brazilians alone, more than two thousand in dramatic conditions had to return to their country. Ukraine made five repatriation flights in March and April.

It is not known for sure how many there are. The pandemic took them out of their jobs, threw them into poverty, left their lives at the mercy of luck and the solidarity movements that have multiplied in these times of crisis. They started to depend on associations to eat, pay the rent of the house or, simply, to have a place to sleep. Without means of subsistence, thousands of immigrants gave up and returned (or are trying to return) to their country of origin.

Between March and May, more than two thousand Brazilian citizens were repatriated – the most representative immigrant community in Portugal -, “in a situation of extreme vulnerability”, with no money to survive. “We received a very expressive number of requests for help during the outbreak. The population that was still in the legalization phase was affected very violently,” says JN Eduardo Hosannah, Deputy Consul-General of Brazil.



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