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NEW YORK – Election day in the tri-state area has been mostly quiet and without many incidents. For this reason, NYPD officials and even Mayor Bill de Blasio pointed out that everything was flowing and that voters could feel safe exercising their right to vote.

However, in some voting centers there were problems, either due to problems in the facilities or with people at the polls. Some voters shared their complaints on social media.

Hispanic activist Samy Nemir-Olivares shared on his Twitter account that an elevator in one of the voting centers was not working and that it was harming the elderly and people in wheelchairs to vote. The Electoral Board responded immediately and solved the problem.

Another voter denounced on his Twitter that they were campaigning for Senator Vito Bruno in a voting center, an action that is not allowed at the polls.

Authorities also removed a banner campaigning for President Trump, a prohibited action in the elections.

Also, network users reported a case of voter intimidation in Brooklyn.

Another voter complained on social media that the person in charge of the polling place at CTE High School did not show up even though they were waiting for hours.

On the other hand, there were also voting centers without many people. One voter celebrated on Twitter that no one was in line and described it as “the easiest elections to vote on since moving to New York.”



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