Images surfaced of hunted deer that was completely exhausted …

A wounded deer stumbled into the French town of Compiègne on Saturday to escape the people and dogs who were hunting him. Exhausted, the animal descended on the street and was soon surrounded by hunters, but received help from animal rights activists and residents of the town. They kept the dogs at a distance, while a vet anesthetized the deer. With success: a little later the animal got up and was able to walk back to the forest.

Images of the incident were published by Monday Abolish Venerie Today (Ban the Hunt Today), the animal rights activists who helped the deer. The group filed another request in July to organize a national referendum against hunting in France. Activists quickly spotted the injured animal as it fled to Compiègne to escape the hunters, and did not hesitate to do everything possible to protect it.

However, the hunters respond that they are not doing anything wrong. “It is legal and we should not be bothered while hunting,” said Pierre de Roualle, president of a French hunting association, in French media. They find the dog drive hunt “respectful of nature”, but believe they have a negative image. “Today’s society does not accept the hunt. We understand that and we are trying to change that. ”

The hunters feel that videos like the one above contribute to that negative image.


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