IM57+ Institute wants to cooperate with KPK, but there are conditions


NCP open the option of cooperation with Indonesia Calling 57+ or IM57+ Institute founded by 57 former KPK employees who were fired after failing to qualify national insight test (TWK). The IM57+ Institute also stated that it was open to the cooperation, but there were conditions.

One of the IM57+ Institute’s declarants, Praswad Nugraha, said the cooperation could begin with the KPK implementing recommendations from Komnas HAM and the Ombudsman regarding the dismissal of 58 KPK employees.

“It is very possible for the KPK to work together with the IM57+ Institute, perhaps starting with the KPK implementing the recommendations of the National Human Rights Commission and the Ombudsman for the arbitrary dismissal of 58 KPK employees,” Praswad told reporters, Friday (10/8/2021).

“Eradicating corruption cannot be done by eradicating its employees,” he added.

Praswad said that the conditions for the KPK to carry out the recommendations of the National Human Rights Commission and the Ombudsman if they wanted to cooperate were absolute.

“Because victims of human rights violations cannot cooperate with perpetrators of human rights violations,” he said.

Contacted separately, the former Director of the KPK PJKAKI Sujanarko also revealed the same thing regarding the terms of cooperation between the KPK and the IM57+ Institute. According to him, the IM57+ Institute before accepting the offer of cooperation will evaluate the benefits and risks first.

“Today, the KPK also needs to strengthen its commitment to eradicating corruption. If the commitment is strong, there will be no findings from the Ombudsman, Komnas HAM, and no ethics session with the KPK leadership,” he said.

As is known, the Deputy Chairman of the KPK, Nurul Ghufron, responded to the issue of the establishment of the IM57+ Institute, which was founded by 57 former KPK employees who were fired after failing to pass the TWK. Ghufron said that the KPK could cooperate with the IM57+ Institute if they had a shared commitment to eradicating corruption.

“I don’t understand what the orientation or motivation for establishing IM57 is. Once again, what is clear is that the KPK will continue to eradicate corruption with all levels of society, including with anyone, including IM57,” said Ghufron to reporters at the KPK’s Merah Putih building, South Jakarta, Friday. (8/10).

Ghufron emphasized that the KPK would be willing to cooperate with other parties. However, it is required to have a commitment to eradicate corruption.

“If the commitment to institutional orientation is to eradicate corruption, the KPK will certainly be open to collaborating with anything,” said Ghufron.

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