‘I’m Solo’ Youngsook and Sangcheol Red Light? “There are a lot of bad people here”

A light comes on between Sang-cheol and Young-sook in “I’m Solo”.

In ENA Play and SBS Plus’s “I’m Solo” which airs on the 7th, there is a strange atmosphere between Sang-cheol and Young-sook.

In the recent recording, Young-sook, having returned from a casual date with Young-soo, clung to Soon-ja and expressed her regrets towards Sang-cheol. Young-sook complained, “Sang-cheol keeps telling me (people around me) that I’m grateful to be active, but Sang-cheol isn’t actively doing anything (for me)” and “I don’t like Sang-cheol because it is active.” lifted up

MC Lee Yi-kyung, who was watching the conversation between the two, was concerned, saying, “It seems there has been a misunderstanding”, and Defcon also stamped his foot, saying, “We have to resolve this today.” However, Young-sook took it a step further, saying, “I heard Sang-cheol-nim cried before (before she went on a casual date), so why doesn’t she come?”

Finally, confronting Sang-cheol, Young-sook directly expresses his dissatisfaction, saying, “Don’t everyone say I was active? It’s so hard to meet younger people.” Then, hearing Sang-cheol’s answer, Young-sook suddenly felt bitter, saying “There are a lot of bad people here”, and Sang-cheol finally threw a wedge at Young-sook.

At the risky conversation between the two, Lee Yi-kyung was restless, saying: “Love is timing.”

Attention is drawn to the kind of crisis that erupted between Sang-cheol and Young-sook, who returned from casual dates with different partners.

Internet Electronic Journal Reporter Junsu Lee ([email protected])

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