‘I’m Solo’ Youngja, a mother-to-be soloist, also cheers on female performers [이주의1분]

‘I’m Solo’

[이데일리 스타in 김가영 기자] The special feature of ‘I’m Solo’ is still getting a hot response.

In the real dating program ‘I’m SOLO’ of ENA and SBS PLUS, which aired on the 25th, the romance of a ‘pregnant solo’ wandering between ‘hardening’ and ‘giving up’ was drawn.

As a result of the Nielsen Korea tally, the broadcast on this day recorded an average of 3.97% (the sum of ENA and SBS PLUS based on pay-TV households in the metropolitan area), and the highest viewer rating per minute soared to 4.5%. ‘Best 1 minute’ was occupied by single women cheering for Young-ja.

Young-ja finally went on a 1:1 date with Young-ho, who was her one pick. Young-ja listened carefully to Young-ho’s story, sympathized with him, supported him, and gave him strength. However, Young-ho did not feel a rational liking for Young-ja, and after a date with Young-ja, he showed his feelings for Hyeon-suk.

Young-ho, who had a date with Young-ja, returned to the dorm and had time to talk with Hyeon-suk. Young-ja showed tears with complex emotions, realizing not only the conversation between the two, but also the feelings she had felt and sorry for the other performers.

When Youngja returned to the dorm, the other female performers noticed that Youngja was crying and cheered for Youngja. In particular, she confirmed her unchanging heart for Youngho and sent her strength with more support.

This scene recorded the highest rating of 4.5%.

In addition to this, in the broadcast that day, after being rejected by Ok-soon, who had been going straight for a while, Kwang-soo called Hyeon-suk and dashed to her, and Young-soo and Ok-soon formed a new love line, adding to the fun.

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