I’m a sexy Barbie, no one will spin me

Galena became a real Barbie in the video for her new song “You’re not for me”. The video premiered on her online channel.

“Every little girl dreams of being a Barbie doll. I’m no exception, and when I’m surrounded by creative people, the result is there – my summer proposal for all the sexy Barbies who don’t let some Ken spin them on his finger.

I really want to thank the whole team, because the shooting process was a real challenge. In our desire to show you something new and unusual every time, we set ourselves increasingly difficult tasks.

And this doll story was like that, but I dare say we did our best! I hope the enjoyment for your senses is complete, and “You are not for me” to become part of the story of your summer 2021 “- said the singer on the occasion of the premiere of the single.



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