Ilze Kalve’s daughter revives her mother’s band song “Pamatinstincts”.

Starting the archaeological works of Latvian pop music, a brand new band “Transference” was announced, consisting of Agija Tomme and Sandris Širants – the daughter of Ilze Kalves, leader of the ultra popular band “Pamatinstincts” in the 90s, and the son of Andras Širants, the soloist of the “Vēja Runa” ensemble.

The first single of “Transferences” is a new version of the hit “Don’t Ask” by the 90s cult band “Mamatinstinkts”. Unlike the original, the song is in an electronic dreampop version, but you can hear her mother’s timbre moods in Agia’s voice. “The term ‘transference’ basically means transference of feelings, so as a band name it emphasizes the representation of music that is close to us and that we grew up with,” explains Agija.

Agija, daughter of Jānis and Ilze Kalvju, the founders of “Pamatinstinct”, is a doctor who has linked her professional life to psychotherapy, but outside of the psychotherapist’s office she writes music, performs at singing events, including the music and art festival “Bildes”, sang in the free-will ensemble “Strong Wives”, and also participated in other musical projects. On the other hand, Sandris, son of “Vēja Runas” soloist Andras Širants, is a sound engineer who has participated in projects such as “Irving Ark”, “Parara”, “Ca’Mel” and “Shining Patterns”, released several albums and wrote five hours this year alone, a long soundtrack of your music.

In the recording of the song, the production team of “Labo Ierakstu studio” Jānis Kalve and Lotars Lodziņš, who, among others, are also former members of “Mamatinstincta” lent a hand. Artists such as “Lőgőligais Tips”, Aivo Oskis and Alise Haijima produce, Jānis mixes songs that are heard on the airwaves (“Musiqq”, “Bermudu Divstūris”, Normunds Rutulis, etc.), while Lotars works in EHR recording studio with commercials advertisers. Ilze Kalve, the original author of the song and lyrics, former soloist of “Pamatinstincta”, currently correspondent of LTV1 “Panorama” in Great Britain, also shared her advice on the creation of the song.

“Probably all of us sometimes want to forget what happened and close our eyes to the world, trying to find inner peace. Living in turbulent times, it seemed appropriate to bring back the music that played in our childhood, when everything seemed simpler and It’s not for nothing that the last words of the song are “don’t think!”, Agia jokes with Sandra about her message.

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