Ilona Felicjańska will take a SECOND WEDDING with Paul Montana!

Since when Ilona Felicjańska became involved with Paul Montana she started looking into the glass again. A celebrity, who sobered up in front of the whole of Poland, assured that this time she completely controls her alcohol consumption and uses it only from time to time. Soon after, we could see how, after a drunken brawl in Florida, she ended up with her beloved in custody …

Unfortunately, Ilona does not seem to notice that both her lifestyle and relationship seem very toxic. In February, she flew with Paul to London and married him there. It is worth recalling that the groom had enough “class” to put Ilona’s naked photos from the preparations for the wedding on the web.

It seemed to be Felicjańska she recovered a bit during the holidays. In an interview with Super Express She confessed that she was going to divorce Montana and return to abstinence.

Ilona Montana is promoting her own campaign! “I don’t drink because I like”

It’s probably time to stop cheating yourself, because love, however great it may be, cannot hurt so much… So hurt like this. Spiritual development is also touching your demons. But I still choose to stay sober and help others get up from my knees – she stated in an interview with the tabloid.


The decision to improve did not take long. The celebrity returned to Paul and with him she indulges herself in further excesses. It also turns out that plans to get married to Montana again! Recently, on Instagram, she reported a visit to one of the Warsaw ateliers, and one of the curious fans asked if her beloved was measuring a new suit.

Yes. I think we will get married again in Warsaw in the summer Felicjańska replied then.

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