Illegible text log decoded in Dead Space remake


If you’ve been exploring the New Game Plus mode in the Dead Space Remake, you might have noticed a few extra text logs appearing in your inventory. While one of these magazines is labeled “illegible,” players were able to translate the cryptic text to reveal a teasing easter egg for fans of one of the best horror game series ever.

These extra text logs appear as soon as you start New Game Plus, giving you extra hints about the future of the series and adding some spooky extra lore tidbits to delve into. Some of these appear to contain conversations between characters in later games, but the illegible text log written in an alphabet of strange symbols is perhaps the most intriguing due to its mysterious nature.

While the text log claims it’s impossible to decipher, eagle-eyed Dead Space fans will probably quickly notice that the characters it’s written in are actually marker characters – an alphabet that’s used in all games that pops up frequently in humans. affected by an alien relic under the influence of hallucinations.

Dead Space Reddit user GingyYoutube shared the translation:

They walk in white

Untouched by red

They order the living

They shepherd the dead

Finger touch –

We are still frozen

They are the answer

They will

beyond the stars

Brothers are waiting

Oracles, deliver us

From the fate of mankind

As for the meaning of the poem, its vague nature leaves it open to interpretation. “They order the living” and “They shepherd the dead‘ can probably refer generally to Markers and Necromorphs that influence the actions of living beings and then inhabit their bodies and take over them after death.

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The second stanza probably refers to Tau Volantis, a planet where the ancient race apparently froze themselves after discovering the markers in an attempt to prevent the spread of infection and prevent the Brotherhood of the Moon from becoming one, but said moon is as implied in the third stanza “beyond the starswhere she waits to be rediscovered.

Whatever the exact meaning, it’s certainly fun, both as a translation exercise and as a cryptic message, and a lot of fun to think about. Let’s hope Dead Space Remake has more of these secrets as players continue to dig into its deeper, darker corners.

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