Iliana Yotova: No new project can pull people from a 130-year-old party

“I will be extremely pleased if I see the public sign of the BSP members whether I have really justified their trust,” said the vice president.

Whether a “2 in 1” vote is the best, we will see in the election. But yesterday, President Radev was absolutely right – it saves a lot of effort and a lot of money from the budget. This was stated by Vice President Iliana Yotova in the studio of “The Day Begins” BNT with Georgi Lyubenov. For the first time we will see presidential and parliamentary elections – a precedent in the recent history of Bulgaria, added Yotova.

It will be difficult in the campaign, a mixed campaign, the vice president said.

We have not made thin calculations with the president – whether it will be November 14, whether it will be November 21, in the end the decision is the National Assembly – let me remind you, the first decision was to hold the presidential election on November 14. The president was tolerant enough, gave them enough time, Yotova added.

We have had everything for a long time – this is how she answered the question whether they are already preparing for the elections with the head of state and have formed a headquarters.

We enter with an attitude of stability, of integrity, for a second we did not betray people for what we told them in 2016.

I have a long political background, but I think we should always act like we’re going out for the first time. We are not guided by inertia that we look like winners, Iliana Yotova is categorical.

We do not feel threatened either by Mr. Yordan Tsonev or by any other political leader, because we are looking for the support of the people, of the Bulgarian citizens. When last year, they came out to the square to support us, it was very difficult for us and there were people there who gave us a hand, who gave us moral support and they were of different colors, and they said “it can’t be that way”, the vice president explained. .

She also commented on a possible political project of the ministers from the caretaker government Asen Vassilev and Kiril Petkov. So far, I have not heard either of them come out and say “I am making a party,” Yotova said.

“I will be extremely pleased if I see the public sign of the BSP members, to hear their assessment of the huge responsibility they have entrusted to me, whether I have really justified their trust. So, who wants to do any political project. If there is such a need in the country, let it become a party I do not think that the BSP is restless I maintain very close contacts with their structures and so far I have not heard any alarm from any hypothetical new project this is absurd, “the vice president explained.

The support of the Bulgarian socialists and the people on the left will be the best assessment for me. I think that Mr. Radev and I will receive the support of the Bulgarian Socialists.

Whether there will be changes in the next cabinet – this is the job of the president, he will make the assessment, said Iliana Yotova.


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