Iliad will install its new antennas in all these places

Iliad Italy also in 2020 it continued to strengthen its infrastructure in our country, so as to prepare for the revolution that will be brought about by connectivity in the coming years 5G in the telecommunications sector and, at the same time, with the intention of reducing its dependence on the network WINDTRE.

And so it is not too surprising that in recent days the telephone operator has submitted requests to install new antennas in several Italian municipalities, especially in the North and Center of the country.

Where the new Iliad antennas will be installed

Iliad and other operators in recent days have requested authorization to build a radio base station called “BO155 Bagnarola Abbey”, with the demolition of the pre-existing cart station, in the municipality of Budrio (in the province of Bologna), in via Ramello.

Also in the municipality of Suno, in the province of Novara, the operator plans to install a new radio station (until 4 December 2020, interested parties will be able to send their comments on the matter to the Municipality).

Moving on to Liguria, Iliad presented on 7 October an installation request on an existing building in the municipality of Ventimiglia, in the province of Imperia (the local authorities have already given their favorable opinion).

Other scheduled installations are those that concern Olbia, in via Sa Minda Longa, in the locality Pittulongu and Montesilvano (in the province of Pescara), in via Aldo Moro, 65.

There are some snags

In the length and breadth of the country from time to time the telephone operator in recent months has also found itself facing some stops, as has happened recently also in Bressana Bottarone (in the province of Pavia) for a 5G antenna, whose procedure is currently suspended (the other telephone operators have also been denied the possibility of installing antennas with new technologies or modifying existing ones) or to Canavese peacock (municipality in the metropolitan city of Turin), where Iliad’s request was suspended pending a favorable opinion from the Superintendence for Environmental Heritage.

You can find them all Iliad offers by following this link.

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