Ilham Al-Fadala’s fans are eager for the series “Nafs Al-Haneen”… What did you do?

Kuwaiti star Ilham Al-Fadala is waiting for the presentation of her new series “Nafs Al-Haneen”.

In an attempt to promote this series, Ilham Al-Fadala published a picture from behind the scenes of the work, in which she appeared while filming one of her scenes, through her official account on the “Instagram” application.

Ilham Al-Fadala attached the photo that she published, with a comment that came in the form of a question she asked to her audience, about what “Buthaina” thinks, the character she presents in the series, when she said: “Buthaina Beshenno thinks about the scene?

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The series “Nafs Al-Haneen” includes a number of artists besides Elham Al-Fadala, most notably Maram Al-Baloushi and Amira Muhammad, and the work was written by the writer Muhammad Al-Nashmi.

The events of the series are dominated by the tragic and dramatic character, which is interspersed with some situations that occur in our normal lives, but these situations will be in the form of a lite comedy.

Kuwaiti actress Ilham Al-Fadala embodies in this series the role of a woman called “Buthaina” who is forced by circumstances to return to an old place where she lived beautiful memories, and from the events it becomes clear the reasons that led her to nostalgia for the distant past.

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