Ilary Blasi on vacation in the Dolomites, but she is not alone. Single that’s who she is spending the summer with

Ilary Blasi has chosen the Dolomites to escape the chaos of Rome, but she is not alone. That’s who she left with.

After Tanzania, Ilary Blasi made a radical change of goal and took refuge in the Dolomites. Looking for clean air to clear your mind or just a little fresh? Maybe both of them. The showgirl left again, leaving the children in Romebut also this time she is not alone on vacation.

While Francesco Totti enjoys his children on the Lazio coast, Ilary goes to the Dolomites to spend the last days of summer holidays and still get away from gossip and from increasingly fiery indiscretions. The former couple would have chosen a lightning separation with assisted negotiation to close the divorce as soon as possible, but it seems that the agreements have not yet been reached. Ilary, then, went to the mountains to think, with the hope of closing the whole matter in September.

The showgirl was seen in Cortina d’Ampezzo and Dobbiaco, wonderful places where you can relax. Ilary then also went to Braies lakeand then continue with the walk to the Nuvolau Pass. The viewpoint offers a breathtaking spectacle: the woman is not missing anything.

Ilary Blasi

Meanwhile Noemi Bocchi has reached Totti by the sea, giving up his usual holidays in Sardinia. The question, at this point, arises spontaneously: Has the former footballer already introduced his new partner to his children? Or do the two continue to see each other “clandestinely”, keeping their relationship a secret?

By now everyone is aware of the new couple; it remains to be seen if the father has already decided to formalize the matter with the family or if he is still waiting.

Ilary Blasi on vacation, that’s who he is with

Ilary Blasi’s dream destination is excellent for returning to peace with oneself and finding calm, but the showgirl is not alone on this holiday. After a week in Tanzania with her children, the woman changed company.

In this case it is an all-female holiday: Ilary is with her sisters Silvia and Melory. The women accompanied the showgirl to the Dolomites, and now the three are enjoying the well-deserved rest. Understanding the sisters is one of the most precious things in the world, and Ilary is lucky to have two people so close, ready to support her.

Ilary Blasi

All the plays are postponed to September: now for Ilary Blasi he is alone quiet and isolationaway from the chaos of the city and the poisonous indiscretions.

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