Íker Losada, Celta’s youth squad, is playing his best football this season

The output of Diego Pampin this summer he left a tremendous void in Celta B. The man from Oleiros gave up the captain’s armband to Iker Losada in a season in which the subsidiary returned to its origins, betting again on the youth system formed in A Madroa with Claudio Giraldez substituting for oneth. The one from Catoira faces his fifth year in the subsidiary after making his debut at just 17 years old in the second team. At the age of 18, he made his debut in LaLiga Santander scoring a goal against Real Madrid on August 17, 2019 in Balaídos. Now at 21, he has found the stability to shine and lead Celta B after three seasons in which he lived ups and downs as a result of the pressure he imposed on himself.

With five goals and two assists in 1,200 minutes of play, the midfielder has managed to free himself from all the ties that tied up his talent for too long. It did not help that Onésimo bet on him as a right back in many games, nor did having such a media debut 16 days after reaching the age of majority.

On August 1, he turned 21, he is still a very young player but so many years in the subsidiary have caused an erroneous perception. He has not yet lost his train for the first team after renewing his contract last season until June 2025. In his first 70 matches with the subsidiary added 7 goals and two assists. In the last 16those that correspond to this season, already has 5 goals and 2 assists.

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Losada shakes hands with Aspas after scoring his first goal in the First Division (Photo: RCCV).

Being close to the box again has given wings to Íker Losada. Both as a midfielder and on the left flank, the man from Catoira is being the most consistent player for Celta B this season, pulling the team along when he has had to go through bad times. The trust that Claudio Giráldez has placed in him has been fundamental, from the beginning he gave him command of the team.

Just as important, or perhaps even more, is the mental evolution that Íker Losada has experienced since August 17, 2019, when he scored for Real Madrid in his First Division debut. After that premiere he only played again in the League against Getafe and in the Copa del Rey for a few minutes against Peña Azagresa and Mérida. The one from Catoira did not even manage to establish himself as a starter in the subsidiary.

The year of his debut he only played 786 minutes in Celta B and even had minutes in Juvenil. It was hard for him to assimilate everything he had experienced in such a short time. He was redone season after season. In 2020/21 he barely exceeded 1,000 minutes of play with only 10 starts. Last year he scored three goals and was on the verge of reaching 1,400 minutes in 26 games played, 18 starting. An untimely injury and the coronavirus weighed down his progression, making him lose the entire month of December and January.

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Everything has changed this campaign. The player himself recognized this Saturday that “jI play without a pressure that the same used to put me without any kind of sense“Hence, his talent is appearing naturally. “It’s the best season in terms of goals and numbers, I’m very good, very happy and calmer,” confessed Íker Losada in Balaídos.

Iker Losada (Photo: RC Celta).

I am very happy because I see that the work I’m doing during the week is reflected in the matches with goals and assists”, said the captain of Celta B in a course where his best level has reappeared after three seasons in which he did not find the necessary regularity. Losada has returned and he does so with just turned 21. The one from Catoira He has the whole career ahead of him.Claudio Giráldez has given him the keys to Celta B, now all that remains is for him to open a new door, that of the first team.

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