Ikea, Wholesale | Ikea Norway gives a huge bonus as a Christmas present to its employees

Ikea pays large sums to its employees in October.

– All employees have made an enormous effort in recent months, and it is therefore a pleasure to say that everyone who works at Ikea will receive a bonus equivalent to a monthly salary or more on the next salary check, explains Clare Rodgers, CEO of Ikea Norway , to Nettavisen.

Around 3,000 Ikea employees can now expect a huge bonus in the run-up to Christmas.

– I am very proud of what we have achieved in very demanding times, says Rodgers.

Since there is approximately one monthly salary – before tax – the employees are paid, it will therefore vary how much each individual receives – based on what salary they have, the press officer in Ikea informs Nettavisen.

It will vary from department store to department store how big a bonus they get. Stavanger Aftenblad writes that employees at Ikea Forus receive 120 percent of their monthly salary.

Last year, all employees received a bonus corresponding to 113 per cent of a monthly salary, which corresponded to around 40,000. This year, the bonus is a little lower. This means that Ikea employees can apparently look forward to a bonus of around NOK 36,000 on average if a small salary increase is assumed. In total, Ikea paid NOK 120 million to around 3,000 employees in 2019.

How much Ikea Norway pays out in bonuses in total this year, they have not calculated, Nettavisen is informed by the press guard.

To receive the bonus, however, employees must meet certain criteria, including having worked for Ikea for at least six months.

The payment will come on the salary at the end of October.

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