Ikea in Wilrijk released again after preventive eviction

The Ikea branch in Wilrijk was preventively evacuated on Tuesday afternoon after a threatening letter had arrived. The Antwerp police arrived on the scene and did a complete sweep of the store and the parking lot. Nothing was found, so the site was reopened

The Ikea in Wilrijk was evacuated on Tuesday afternoon. The police had received a threatening letter and decided that eviction was necessary. The sweeping of the store and the parking was negative, the store will reopen its doors soon.

The Antwerp police cannot make any statements about the exact content of the message. The store was evacuated as a precaution. ‘The evacuation went very smoothly’, says Willem Migom of the Antwerp police. ‘There was good cooperation between the police and the store staff. The people parked above the ground were able to leave immediately. People who were in the underground garage had to be patient.’

In the meantime, the underground garage has also been swept visually and with dogs and those people were also allowed to leave the place. The store itself also turned out to be negative after sweeping. ‘The investigation is continuing, but we are leaving the site’, says Migom.

In the meantime, staff are doing everything they can to reopen the store as soon as possible. The first customers are already waiting at the entrance.



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