Ikea, H&M, MediaMarkt: 3G or 2G? The rules at a glance

Ikea, H&M, MediaMarkt and Co.: 3G or 2G applies HERE – the regulations at a glance

Ikea: The success story of the furniture store

Ikea: The success story of the furniture store

The Swedish furniture store chain Ikea is very popular with customers in Germany. More and more furniture stores are springing up and sales are growing. Ikea achieved retail sales of 5.325 billion euros in Germany in the 2020 financial year just ended.

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3G, 2G or 2G+: You can sometimes lose track of what applies where. What about the current rules for stores like Ikea, H&M, MediaMarkt and Co. out?

The corona numbers in Germany continue to rise rapidly and the rules have been tightened accordingly. Also when shopping Ikea, H&M, MediaMarkt and Co. you have to follow some rules.

Ikea, H&M, MediaMarkt and Co.: THAT is what you have to consider now

You have to wear a mask on the entire premises of supermarkets such as Aldi, Lidl or Rewe. This also applies to furniture stores such as Ikea and also to parking lots. In many places you have probably already seen the corresponding poster notices.

What you should also know: The 3G rule only applies to employees in supermarkets such as Aldi, Rewe, Lidl and Co. Not for the customers. For example, cashiers must provide their employer with proof before starting work.


That is Ikea:

  • Founded in Sweden in 1943
  • 433 branches worldwide
  • Various franchisees operate Ikea branches in individual countries
  • 211,000 employees worldwide


Ikea, H&M, MediaMarkt and Co.: Regulations differ from state to state

Because supermarkets, discounters, drugstores, pharmacies and petrol stations are part of the basic supply, they are excluded from the 3G rule. There are no access restrictions. Of course, there are no rules here either.

In some federal states, customers are counted at the entrance. In addition, shopping trolleys or shopping baskets are compulsory in some places. The stores want to get a better overview of how many people are actually staying with them.

Ikea, H&M, MediaMarkt and Co.: In Brandenburg, for example, 2G applies

And what applies to furniture, clothing and specialty stores? It varies from state to state! In Baden-Württemberg, for example, the 3G regulation applies. So you have to be vaccinated, recovered or tested to get into Ikea, H&M, MediaMarkt and Co. In Brandenburg even 2G applies. This means that those who have not been vaccinated are not allowed to enter such shops in the first place.


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Some stores, such as Ikea, have restaurants in their stores. Here you may have to show your vaccination card or your recovery certificate if you want to eat on site.

Kaufland, Aldi and Co. have now made a clear announcement regarding the new Corona regulations. >>>Click here to learn more. (cf)

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