IKEA document shows new Symfonisk table lamp with interchangeable lampshade – Image and sound – News

IKEA and Sonos come with a new version of the Symfonisk table lamp with built-in WiFi speaker. The new model has an interchangeable lampshade and IKEA offers two variants. The product has not yet been officially announced.

An pdf file on the Portuguese IKEA website describes the new Symfonisk table lamp and shows some sketches. A reddit user says having already seen the lamp in a local IKEA store. The new Symfonisk table lamp consists of two parts: the base with speaker and an interchangeable lampshade. The first model, which was released in 2019, has an integrated lampshade.

According to the document, the Symfonisk base costs 129 euros and a textile lampshade is available for 20 euros. A variant of glass costs 30 euros. Both are available in black and white. The first version of the Symfonisk table lamp with integrated lampshade is currently on the IKEA website for 179 euros.

IKEA and Sonos have not yet officially announced the new Symfonisk lamp with speaker. It is not known whether there are also technical changes in addition to the lampshade. It is also not clear when the speaker will be available in the Netherlands and Belgium.

IKEA Netherlands, when asked, informs Tweakers that ‘it is not yet able to indicate exactly when the lamps will be in the store and what price will be used for the Dutch market’.


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