Ikea Cuts Prices in Czech Republic: Customers Rejoice

Ikea Cuts Prices in Czech Republic: Customers Rejoice

For a long time, people had to bemoan the fact that chain stores made them something of a cash cow. The prices were constantly rising and they were finding out what was still bearable on the domestic market. But in reality it was a big problem for customers because it was coming very fast and they didn’t have time to adapt, for example by starting to buy abroad. It started only gradually.

It wasn’t just about the food

Apparently, the biggest problem was with food, because customers buy it every day and immediately feel the high price. In reality, however, the Czech Republic has become a very expensive country in all respects, which is perhaps even more problematic than if it were only food. After all, it is reflected in the constantly very high inflation, which we have here for the third year. Its drop to eight percent is already taken as positive news, although it is certainly nothing to celebrate.

In any case, over time it was discovered that some retail chains were literally ripping off Czech customers for no reason. To the surprise of many, IKEA, which was considered rather cheap for a long time, was also included among these. However, in recent years, prices have risen in the Czech Republic. At first, she could afford it because the domestic customer was interested in her products.

In the end, however, it exceeded the carrying limit. “We used to go there every two months and always buy something for the household. We liked it and took it as a ritual, including visiting the restaurant there,” says Mrs. Jana. “We always found it quite cheap there, so we didn’t have to think too much about what you were buying. But in the last two years, Ikea has become very expensive. We had to stop going there and once in a while we go to the Polish branch.

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Finally came the discount

It was the price comparison of the Czech Ikea with the Polish one that literally shocked customers. It turned out that sofas or wardrobes are sold here for basically double the Polish prices. And not only them. This furniture giant was also cheaper in Germany.

Ikea thus got into a tight spot, because who would want to overpay unnecessarily for exactly the same products. The company has therefore decided to reduce the price of its products across the board. The prices of some of them fell by tens of percent. A total of three thousand products were discounted, with an average discount rate of eight percent.

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It is quite possible that prices will continue to be adjusted to more acceptable levels. Anyway, it’s good that the chain has responded to public criticism and people can once again start shopping in bulk as they used to.

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