IHK Darmstadt not yet online again

DARMSTADT – After last Wednesday’s hacker attack on the IT service providers of all chambers of industry and commerce in Germany, the consequences of which also affected the IHK Darmstadt Rhein Main Neckar (as reported), the chamber located on Rheinstraße is still disconnected from the Internet and not online accessible.

The investigations “around the possible cyber attack” continued, said the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (DIHK) on Tuesday. The aim was systems from the Dortmund-based IHK Gesellschaft für Informationsverarbeitung (GfI), which are used by all 79 German chambers. The GfI works closely with investigating authorities and the Federal Office for Information Security. The central and contact point for cybercrime North Rhine-Westphalia took over the investigation.

“In order to avoid possible damage and to ensure data security, we are currently working very carefully to gradually put the IT systems back online after intensive checks,” explained the DIHK. Safety is the focus here. The German chambers can be reached by phone.

On Tuesday, the IHK Darmstadt’s website read unchanged: “Service currently not available”. Below that there was a link to the DIHK.

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