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Cologne | Cologne needs apartments and Cologne needs schools. So it has to be built vigorously. In addition to the supply bottlenecks with raw materials, which were triggered and continued by the corona pandemic, among other things, there is a threat of new adversity due to a lack of skilled workers. IG Bau speaks of 1,650 vacant training positions in Cologne alone for the beginning of the training year.

In Cologne there are 4,820 apprenticeships registered for the construction industry in the beginning apprenticeship year. 1,650 of these places are still vacant. The figures come from the employment agency to which the industrial union Bauen-Agrar-Umwelt (IG Bau) refers.

“Overall, the corona pandemic has left its mark on the domestic training market. Sometimes companies offer fewer places or reduce their apprenticeship entirely. Vocational school lessons cannot take place everywhere as usual. In many areas, however, significantly fewer school leavers apply, ”said Mehmet Perisan, district chairman of IG BAU Cologne-Bonn in a written statement. But every trainee who is missing now will be one less urgently needed specialist in three years. In view of the sustained high order situation – from housing to track and road construction – the construction industry in particular has to win over even more young professionals.

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Cologne | The project developer of the Cologne-based Laurenz Carré, Gerchgroup AG, received a demolition permit from the city for the extension to the listed Senate Hotel in the southern area of ​​the overall development as well as the partial construction permit for the construction of the excavation pit. In addition, a building application has been submitted for a sub-project of the Laurenz Carré neighborhood development.


Cologne | Summer vacation is travel time, that applies this year despite the corona pandemic. 1.1 million people traveled at Cologne Bonn Airport. That exceeded the expectations of the airport, which was expecting 850,000 passengers.

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