“Ifta” receives the papers of the trial accused of having committed the massacre in the European countryside to express the legal opinion

The Egyptian Dar Al Iftaa has received the trial papers of the perpetrator of the massacre in the European countryside, to prepare a technical report on the legal opinion for the execution of the accused.

The Giza Criminal Court had sent the papers of the case accused of ending the lives of 5 people of a family on a farm in Sheikh Zayed, to Egypt’s Dar Al Iftaa to obtain the legal opinion of the Grand Mufti of the Republic in the execution of the defendant, and the court has scheduled the first session in January to pronounce the verdict on the accused.

The court heard the prosecutor’s brief, who requested in his brief before the court the execution of the accused, narrated all the details of the crime and described the crime as heinous.

While the court heard the objection of the defense, which asked for the use of clemency with the defendant, based on article 17 of the penal code.

The defendant’s defense asked the judge to use leniency with the defendant because he was in a state of self-defense, underlining that he requests the application of article 17 relating to extenuating circumstances to his client.

Mohamed Salah, a lawyer claiming civil rights for victims of the “massacre in European countryside,” said the court had received the medical report released by the psychiatric and psychiatric hospital.

The attorney added, in press releases, that the defendant’s psychiatric report confirmed his mental and psychological strength during the commission of the incident, noting that the report stated, “The defendant is psychologically and mentally sound.”

The decision was issued under the chairmanship of adviser Muhammad Awad Allah, with the participation of advisers Khaled Faeq Al-Muslimi, Amr Waheed Mahmoud and the secretary of Wajih Adeeb.

The prosecutor had charged the accused of killing five people, a farmer, his two daughters and two granddaughters, on a farm in the European countryside village in Sheikh Zayed city to the criminal trial. And the humiliation of accusing him of intentionally killing the farmer, and that crime was associated with other crimes, namely the intentional killing of his two daughters and his two grandchildren, and the attempt to indecently assault one of his two daughters , the victim.

And the prosecutor had established the evidence for the defendant with his admission in the investigation, and what he had done in terms of simulating how the crime was committed, and instructing him on the drug tape that he used to carry out his plan. of indecent assault, as well as instructing him on the instruments he used to insert the narcotic substance into the victim’s drink, and on what came of it. The report of the chemical laboratory of the Forensic Medicine Authority examining the narcotic substance, anatomical description of the bodies of the five victims, as well as the findings of the General Department of Criminal Evidence Investigation’s report examining all traces seized at the crash site, and making the necessary reconciliations, as well as statements from nine witnesses in the investigation.

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