iFixit tears apart the new MacBook Pro and MacBook Air with Apple M1

With the announcement of the new processor-based models Apple M1 the bitten apple opened a new era for the line Mac, focusing everything on optimization between the hardware and software sectors in order to offer users an advanced experience especially in terms of performance and autonomy. Merit of the transition to architecture ARM. Inside, however, what changes? Not much to tell the truth.

ARM MacBooks haven’t changed that much inside

The usual team i iFixit with one of his own teardown comparing the new incarnations of MacBook Pro e MacBook Air to those already on the market with Intel CPUs. Since an image is more explanatory than a thousand words, here they are in comparison. Let’s start with the Pro.

The differences are minimal. Different speech for the Air where, as can be seen, the fan for heat dissipation. A detail underlined by Apple also in the phase of presentation.

The MacBook Air with Intel processor and the one with Apple M1 in comparison

The chip T2 data security delegate, replaced by the unit Secure Enclave integrated in M1.

The work done by Apple is therefore appreciable not so much from an aesthetic point of view (outside or inside it changes little), but by observing the benchmark results that so far reward the choice to abandon Intel for the supply of core components of the technical sheet.

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