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IFixit has put a large number of product pages for Steam Deck parts online. The parts are not yet available to order, but the pages are already revealing what users can buy. The Verge has also been given a price list. Certain upgrades are also possible via iFixit.

Motherboard Steam Deck, via iFixit

The repair website, which is the official parts seller, sells new screens, fans, motherboards and daughterboards, as well as small items like bumpers, triggers and diaphragms. It is also possible to buy the screen that comes with the 512GB model. That variant has premium anti-glare etched glass† Some parts, such as the accu in ssdare only in the form of placeholders present on the site.

It is not known when iFixit will actually start selling the parts. The company let know that the pages ‘earlier’ live than planned’ and that anyone who was able to place an order on time will receive their goods as usual. The parts will actually go on sale ‘soon’.

The Verge notes that the touchpads, d-pads and buttons are still missing, along with the internal metal frame, electromagnetic shields and ribbon cables† It may be possible in the future to build a Steam Deck with spare parts, but not yet. IFixit already has that site price list sent, a selection of which is taken below. Prices are not yet known for the battery and SSDs.

The Steam Deck is a handheld PC from Valve. It runs on Linux-based SteamOS, which is optimized for the handheld gaming usage scenario. Valve sells three variants, which differ in price from 419 euros, to 549 and 679 euros. The portable computer was launched on February 25, but the numbers that will be delivered don’t seem very large. Those who order now are expected to receive their Steam Deck in October of this year. Valve announced last month 2000 titles verified for the Deck; they are therefore playable despite the differences between the handheld and a more traditional PC.

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Name Price (dollar, excl. shipping)
Motherboard 349,99
Screen (64 and 265GB) 94,99
Screen (512GB) 99,99
Fan 24,99
Thumbstick (L, R) 19,99
Speakers 24,99
daughter board (L, R) 34.99 at 29.99

Steam Deck

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