IFE Universal, Labor and Fourth Retirement AFP today | Latest news, amounts and payment dates | December 3

Although this Thursday the number of new cases of Covid-19 It exceeded 2,000 people again, the truth is that the indicators of the pandemic have been expressing a decrease in recent days, particularly this week. In any case, the health emergency is far from over in Chile and also throughout the entire planet, especially now with the expansion of the Omicrom variant, which apparently emerged in South Africa.

For this reason, the aid plan for the population implemented by the government In the midst of the epidemiological crisis, it is still in effect. Two contributions have been key in this regard in recent months: the Universal Emergency Family Income (IFE Universal) and the IFE Labor. Likewise, the Fourth Retirement of 10% of the AFPs would be added to both aid if it is approved in Congress.

IFE Universal

Currently, the Universal Emergency Family Income (IFE Universal) faces the last stage as a direct benefit to the population. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the state contribution has been to the aid of millions of Chileans who were negatively affected by the economic crisis. Especially in the most complex moment, when much of the country was under strict confinement.

The application date to obtain the last payment from the IFE Universal ended on November 16. In this way, the delivery of resources to the population has been materializing since Tuesday, November 30.

If you have any questions regarding this benefit and if you wish to access more information about the IFE Universal, you can do so by entering the official website of the contribution provided by the Government: www.ingresodeemergencia.cl.

IFE Laboral: what does it consist of and what are the amounts?

For its part, the Labor IFE consists of a state contribution that goes directly to all workers who have found formal employment. Specifically, that it was done between October 1 and November 30.

For women, the contribution reaches 60% of the salary and the maximum amount of the aid is $ 250 thousand. While, in men, the contribution reaches 50% of the salary, with a maximum of $ 200 thousand.

President Sebastián Piñera delivered important news in this regard: “Due to the success of the pro-employment plans in the rapid recovery of jobs, we are going to extend the labor IFE beyond the month of December.”

If you want to learn about the status of your payment, you must access the web subsidioalempleo.cl and then enter the IFE Labor option. You will require your unique password and the RUT during the online procedure.

Fourth AFP Retreat: what happens with the project in Congress

The Mixed Commission made up of Senators and Deputies finally approved the report on the Fourth Withdrawal of funds from the AFPs. But, there was no agreement between the ruling party and the opposition, so the final endorsement of the bill will depend exclusively on each parliamentarian in both chambers.

The members of the Commission approved including the pensioners for life annuities in the fourth withdrawal of pension funds, which would be charged to the treasury. In addition, the money rescue would be without taxes and in two installments for those who obtain more than 35 UF (about one million pesos). Finally, the senators and deputies rejected the indication that put a “lock” on the Fourth Retreat and wanted it to be the last.

Given this scenario, the Government requested immediate discussion in Congress of the legal initiative. Therefore, the text should initially be voted on today, Friday, November 3, in the Chamber of Deputies. It will be within the framework of a special session between 10:00 and 12:30.


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