If your cat has this disease, you need to be careful too

Having pets is as common as it is safe. In fact, if properly controlled, they do not represent a danger to humans in any way. However, there are some rare cases where this is not the case. If your cat has this disease, you need to be careful too. What am I talking about? Of the toxoplasmosis.

I sintomi

This disease is due to the presence of some parasites. The vehicle of transmission is represented by birds, but these organisms can be transmitted to all mammals.

Being part of this category too, we must pay close attention. The cat is, however, the primary host of the parasite: this means that it represents the ideal environment for the reproduction and multiplication of the foreign body.

This pathology is more common in stray cats than in domestic cats. But the risk of transmission is also present in the latter. Domestic cats, in fact, can contract toxoplasmosis if they eat raw or inadequately cooked meat. And even if they hunt birds or, again, if they are in contact with other infected subjects.

So, if your pet leaves the house often, it is good to keep him under control with veterinary visits. Likewise, it is preferable to feed him canned or well-cooked foods.

The malaise manifests itself, in felines, with symptoms that, at first glance, are not worrying and that can make one think of a flu: fever, weight loss, cold. The course, however, can also be asymptomatic.

Human transmissibility

The feline, then, will continue to carry the disturbance in the feces, thus infecting the litter box as well. You absolutely must not touch the remains, or approach them, without having properly sanitized your hands. This is because the parasite is transmitted through contact with the mouth and mucous membranes.

The pathology in question is not dangerous for men. But it can become fatal for women. In fact, if the latter, in a state of pregnancy, were to unfortunately contract toxoplasmosis they would risk transmitting it to the fetus, causing 30 to 50 percent of cases to miscarry.

Here, then, why if your cat has this disease, you must be careful too.

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(We remind you to carefully read the warnings in this regard, which can be consulted who”)

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